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Siding Windows Doors Insulation Alexandria VAOn April 22, new regulations issued by the Environmental Protection Agency require that contractors working in homes built before 1978 must follow strict containment and clean-up procedures when encountering lead-based paint. Ignoring the new rules can result in hefty fines: $37,500 per day per violation.

The EPA has made clear (in published form, see what it expects contractors to do when they encounter lead paint in a home they are renovating, and how to document what they've done — as proof in the event of an audit.

But what remains unknown for the moment is whether or not any owners of pre-1978 homes will be able to "opt out" of safe lead-removal practices and whether or not at some point third-party inspectors will be required to verify that a jobsite is free of lead dust.

The new regulations make contractors responsible for determining whether or not lead-based paint is present in homes built before 1978, for containing any dust or debris created in the course of a renovation, and for ensuring that the work area is free of lead-bearing dust particles when the job is finished. These also make it the contractor's responsibility to inform the homeowner when lead-based paint is present, to document that the homeowner was informed and that the work was done safely and at least supervised by a Certified Renovator (CR), that is, someone who has earned a certificate after completing an eight-hour course by an EPA-approved trainer.

To be able to work in homes where lead-based paint is present, companies must register with the EPA, and in order to register, the company must have at least one Certified Renovator on staff. What that means, in plain language, is that after April 22, if you are working in homes built before 1978 — when the government banned the manufacture and sale of lead-based paint — and your company is not registered, you're breaking the law.

Homeowners can rest assure that TransNational is an U.S. EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm and all of our Installers attended and are also certified in Lead Safety.


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Siding Windows Doors Insulation Alexandria VA

Siding Windows Doors Insulation Alexandria VA


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